MR.SHOT® VIKRAM – Winner | Non-Flammable Transparent Polycarbonate | India’s 1st 2-in-1 Instant Water Heater for Drinking & Bathing | Dual Thermostat | Built with 16A switch & MCB | RED



Revolutionize your Water Heating Experience with the new Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM model! Experience a ground-breaking design with Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM, India’s first dual-purpose instant water heater. This innovative device revolutionizes water heating by providing instant hot water for both drinking and bathing. Say goodbye to waiting for hot water and enjoy the convenience of cutting-edge engineering, all in one non-flammable Polycarbonate body. Upgrade your lifestyle with Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM and elevate your water heating experience. With its pioneering dual thermostat power, Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM sets a new standard for water heaters in India. This model combines automatic and manual thermostats in a single unit, granting you precise temperature control and exceptional safety. Leave behind frustrating leaks with the zero leakage guarantee of Mr.SHOT 2.O. Its meticulously engineered molded outlet pipe ensures complete leak-proof reliability, making it a trustworthy choice. Express your unique style while enjoying hot water, as Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM offers a vibrant dual colour combo. The crystal-clear view of water levels from the transparent bottom tank, along with the rich array of colours in the top indicator section, gives you the opportunity to personalize your experience. Your safety is our top priority, which is why Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM incorporates dual cut-off protection. In the event of an automatic thermostat failure, the manual thermostat seamlessly takes over, ensuring that your water heater remains under control at all times. Installing Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM is a breeze, as it easily accommodates your preferred choice between single screw or dual screw mounting. Say goodbye to complex setups with this user-friendly option. Experience instant and uninterrupted hot water without the complications and high power consumption associated with Mr.SHOT 2.O.

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  • Revolutionary Dual-Utility Design: Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM, India’s pioneering instant water heater, features an innovative non-flammable transparent Polycarbonate body that serves a dual role, providing hot water for both drinking and bathing. Additionally, it boasts a rotatable stand, a 16A on/off switch, and a 16A MCB, ensuring convenience and safety in one versatile device.

    Dual Cut Off: Mr.SHOT 2.O models have dual Thermostat namely Automatic and Manual Thermostat. Automatic thermostat controls the machine whenever the Mr.SHOT 2.O Instant water heater is used. If there is any failure in automatic thermostat, then automatically Manual Thermostat will start function and cut-off the power supply.

    Zero Leakage: Mr.SHOT 2.O models are Zero Leakage due to molded outlet pipe. Dual Color Combo: Mr.SHOT 2.O model is comes with dual color combos. Bottom tank comes in black color and top indicator section comes wide range of colors variations.

    Easy Mount: Mr.SHOT 2.O model can be mounted either with single screw or dual screw.

    Versatile Hot Water Supply: Upgrade to Mr.SHOT 2.O VIKRAM for versatile hot water. It’s not a storage geyser or immersion heater but an efficient alternative. Enjoy instant, continuous hot water without technician assistance. It’s safe, energy-efficient, and delivers the best of both worlds in water heating.

    Dos: You can collect the hot water directly from the Geyser to your Tub or Bucker. Install the product as mentioned in description and User Manual Book.
    Don?ts: This product is designed strictly not to connect to the shower head, Tap or Mixture tap; violating this instruction would result in harmful consequences. We are not responsible for any of your safety violations, also under Warranty or Guarantee.

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